Monkind Berlin

  With spending some time in Berlin, a little bit of shopping was obviously on my agenda. On top of my list was the new MONKIND store in Schöneberg. At first, MONKIND had caught… Continue reading

Me, Myself & The Belly in Berlin

Just right on time for the third trimester I decided that it was the perfect moment to pack my things and leave my man and the little bird for a weekend. Both had been… Continue reading

Feed the Skin: Anti-Stretch Mark Oils

  I don’t get a lot of me-time during this second pregnancy. However, if there is one thing that I am really conscious about it’s that I try to take at least 5… Continue reading

My First Birth Story: The Aftermath

“You forget it all once the baby is born”. This phrase has always amazed me. It sounded so surreal that it made the whole childbirth thing in my eyes even more magical. I… Continue reading

Amsterdam With Kids: Hortus Botanicus

The sky is grey, it is rather cold outside and just two days ago it even snowed. This doesn’t sound much like the weather to visit a garden, right ? That said, the… Continue reading

Pregnancy Style: Dungaree Love

    I was looking for something different than basic maternity pants so I ordered this dungaree online. When I received it I found it way too big. Also, I didn’t want to… Continue reading

Pregnant State of Mind

We all know that being pregnant generates changes in a woman’s body. Most women get tired, some women feel nauseous, all women get eventually a big belly that will host the unborn baby.… Continue reading

My First Birth Story

I have really been struggling with writing the birth story of the little bird. First, I felt too emotional. Then I just got over it but to be honest, the most difficult part… Continue reading

Pregnancy Style: Wrapped Magic

It was one of those bad hair days. I woke up looking like a flattened version of Sideshow Bob and didn’t have enough time to show my curls some love. On those days I just like to… Continue reading

JAPAN DIARY: Kyoto (Moga Moga Café, Fushimi Inari-taisha, Bamboo Grove, Gion)

  When speaking about Kyoto there is obviously one thing that always pops up. Sightseeing. Of course we did some of it but not before having a calm and cozy breakfast. Thanks to… Continue reading

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