The Dooky

When having a baby there are so many things to get which is quite overwhelming. I figured out that splitting all items in two groups worked the best for me. There was the… Continue reading

Cute Attack: Freshly Picked

  It was one of those Thursdays when we lay on the couch while eating watermelon and watching Shark Tank; this show where enterpreneurs pitch their business to financial investors (sharks) to obtain money… Continue reading

Closet Cleanse Vintage Promenade

It has been too long; way too long. Over years and years, I have been accumulating a sea of clothes, shoes and accessories. By now, my closet was literally bursting at the seams.… Continue reading

Coffee, please!

I have never been a big coffee drinker. I have always liked the smell, especially from freshly grounded beans and brewed coffee. However, its taste has never been something that I appreciated a… Continue reading

Little Bird got an eye on us

Have you ever thought about how the world looks like from a baby’s point of view? When looking for a camera to film videos in a very mobile way (compared to the static… Continue reading

The P Story

It stands on a wooden bureau in our living room. Right next to the sewing machine that I inhereted from my mother when I set forth after my A levels, a couple of… Continue reading

When the little bird sleeps, Mama plays

Being a mother surely is a tough job. One day to another, your life changes and you don’t have a lot of time left for yourself. That said, since I have only limited… Continue reading

Bounce, Baby, Bounce

In the first weeks of adjustng to motherhood I carried my baby wherever I went. I carried him either in my arms or in front of me in a cotton sling. Pursuing activities… Continue reading

A Milky Wedding

It all started with the invitation to a wedding. Excited about this event, I took a look at my wardobe to see what I could be wearing. “Chick and summery, neither black nor white” was… Continue reading

Indikidual Haul

  While I was shopping beach vacation essentials for my little one I discovered a London-based kids clothing brand called indikidual. This brand caught my eye as they produce UV swim suits that actually look… Continue reading

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