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Family Travel:Explore Amsterdam With Holiday-Sitters

During our trip to Japan two years ago, my husband and I kept talking about how amazing it would be to have a trustworthy babysitter while being in a city such as Tokyo.… Continue reading

Panama Travel Diary: Paradise on Earth in Loma Partida (Bocas del Toro)

When we moved to Panama, one of the things we were most excited about was the fact to live close by the Caribbean Sea. Therefore, it was only natural that we decided to escape… Continue reading

Oh wie schön ist Panama

Panama…this had never been a country that I thought I would ever live in. To be honest,  when thinking about Panama the only things which used to come to my mind were the… Continue reading

Babymoon in Hamburg

During my first pregnancy, my man and I had gone on a two week long baby moon to Tulum in Mexico. Friends and family had advised us to go on a last vacation,… Continue reading

Me, Myself & The Belly in Berlin

Just right on time for the third trimester I decided that it was the perfect moment to pack my things and leave my man and the little bird for a weekend. Both had been… Continue reading

JAPAN DIARY: Kyoto (Moga Moga Café, Fushimi Inari-taisha, Bamboo Grove, Gion)

  When speaking about Kyoto there is obviously one thing that always pops up. Sightseeing. Of course we did some of it but not before having a calm and cozy breakfast. Thanks to… Continue reading

JAPAN DIARY: Kyoto (Nishiki Market & Machiya Rental)

For our 2 night stay in Kyoto, we had booked a restored traditional Kyo-Machiya via Airbnb. When we arrived at Kyoto station, our lovely host Tomomi (Minne) was waiting for us to pick-up our… Continue reading

JAPAN DIARY : Travelling With The Shinkansen Bullet Train

After our one-night stay in Tokyo, our next destination was Kyoto. Prior to our trip, we had purchased the Japan Rail Pass (also called JR Pass), a universal train ticket that is issued by… Continue reading


  I still owe you the remaining part of our Japan travel diary. As the weather is currently particularly boring here (cold, dark and rainy, arghh), I thought it’s the perfect moment to… Continue reading


I still remember why we chose to stay a couple of days on Zamami island. Being a paradise for snorkelling and whale watching (though only from January until March), Zamami island was also… Continue reading

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