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About Taking Time

I hope you don’t mind that it’s been a little bit silently here on the blog. Settling in as a family of four and enjoying these precious moments has taken all my time…well,… Continue reading

Carry Them Close: About Babywearing

  When I had the little bird I hadn’t looked into the different possibilities on how I could wear my baby. I had received a baby carrier as a hand me down and… Continue reading

That Shoot For Two

Just a couple of days before our little Miz arrived I was contacted by photographer Libia Arteaga for a pregnancy shoot. I had already done a photo shoot during my first pregnancy so I had… Continue reading

My Second Pregnancy: The Third Trimester

I know that at this stage I should maybe write about a different topic. Those who follow me on Instagram may know that a lot has changed in the past months. That said,… Continue reading

How I Prepared for Childbirth (incl. Postpartum)

  Recently, I read a post that questioned the whole idea about writing a birth plan; arguing with the fact that childbirth is an event which can’t be planned. Although I agree with… Continue reading

…And Then We Were Four!

On Friday, May 27th early in the morning our little Miz was born safe and peacefully in our home. What had taken almost forty weeks to build up suddenly became reality: we became… Continue reading

Pregnancy Style: Indigo Blue is the Warmest Colour

Lets be honest: a lot of pregnancy clothing comes in the colour black, making it classic and versatile; just easy to combine. I’ve been wearing lots of it and focused on feeling comfortable.… Continue reading

Why I Choose Hypnobirthing

When I was pregnant with the little bird, I had booked a birth preparation class for my man and myself. I was not so much looking for information regarding the pregnancy (it’s all on… Continue reading

Pregnancy Yoga

  At the begging of my first pregnancy, I was not really looking for a special pregnancy sport class. On the one hand, I did not feel the need and on the other… Continue reading

My Second Pregnancy: The Second Trimester

  Every pregnancy has its surprises. That’s how I ended my post about my first trimester. When entering the second trimester, there were indeed a couple of other surprises which started to add a… Continue reading

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