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#ImMe … Same, Same But Different

To let the cat out of the bag as we say in German when someone wants to express transparency and say the truth, I’d like you to know that I am writing this… Continue reading

Life As A Mother – Of – Two: The Transition

 Friends and family members who already had more than one child described the transition from one to two children as pretty “crazy and a lot of work” … but what did that exactly… Continue reading

Carry Them Close: About Babywearing

  When I had the little bird I hadn’t looked into the different possibilities on how I could wear my baby. I had received a baby carrier as a hand me down and… Continue reading

My Second Pregnancy: The Second Trimester

  Every pregnancy has its surprises. That’s how I ended my post about my first trimester. When entering the second trimester, there were indeed a couple of other surprises which started to add a… Continue reading

Me, Myself & The Belly in Berlin

Just right on time for the third trimester I decided that it was the perfect moment to pack my things and leave my man and the little bird for a weekend. Both had been… Continue reading

Feed the Skin: Anti-Stretch Mark Oils

  I don’t get a lot of me-time during this second pregnancy. However, if there is one thing that I am really conscious about it’s that I try to take at least 5… Continue reading

My First Birth Story

I have really been struggling with writing the birth story of the little bird. First, I felt too emotional. Then I just got over it but to be honest, the most difficult part… Continue reading

Pregnancy Style: That Casual Feel

  The 25th week of my pregnancy has been a very grey one with not much sunlight but a lot of dark clouds.With most maternity clothing coming in black, I was looking for… Continue reading

Pregnancy Style: Black & Denim

During this pregnancy, I had to say goodbye to my regular jeans from early on as I started to show very fast. As most of the maternity wear from my first pregnancy was either… Continue reading

Style The Bump with … Storq

  I really love being pregnant. Watching my body change and accommodate my growing baby is a pretty amazing thing. However, when it comes to dressing this body of mine I really have… Continue reading

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