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Babywearing: The Babywearing Consultant

Why book a baby wearing consultant ? Before the birth of the little bird, I didn’t look much into babywearing. However, soon after his birth  I figured out that I may should have at… Continue reading

Spotted: The KAOS Ransel Diaper Bag

When I was pregnant with the little bird one big item on my must-have list was a diaper bag. That bag that I would need every day and which would allow to fit in… Continue reading

Ali Dover

I was and am still a big fan of baby wearing. However, I always preferred proper carriers instead of using slings to carry my child (read why in my ergobaby review). That said,… Continue reading

Light, Durable…Zuperzozial!

Sometimes, I ask myself why I give my son a plate. Most of the time, it ends on the floor but I want him to get used to it so I continue presenting… Continue reading

Baby It’s Cold Outside: Winter Baby Must-Haves

“New moms tend to keep their babies rather too warm than too cold.”, is one thing that my midwife told me when my son was born. She was so right. Especially with living… Continue reading

The Heat Lamp

Newborns get cold very quickly, especially when being naked against their will which means most of the time, unless it happens on hot summer days or in warm baby massage rooms. In Germany,… Continue reading

Trick Or Treat With CuddleRoo

  Where I have lived so far, Halloween has never been a big deal until the past few years. Since then, things have changed and we too have started to celebrate this holiday… Continue reading

Ode to my Baby Carrier… and R.Kelly

With babies being “parent clingers” (they want to be carried around), I carry Thiago a lot. In the beginning, I carried him in my arms. Then my arms became tired and I felt limited… Continue reading

The Dooky

When having a baby there are so many things to get which is quite overwhelming. I figured out that splitting all items in two groups worked the best for me. There was the… Continue reading

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