The Sound of Silence (…when motherhood gets loud)

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The sound of silence“…I love this song by Simon & Garfunkel but since entering motherhood, and especially since I have two children, often I cannot imagine anymore what “silence” means. Motherhood is something raw and deep, something beautiful, so beautiful. I feel it and experience it on a daily basis. But beside all this beauty and intensity, sometimes motherhood can also be so loud, so very loud. There are various moments when I experience it as such, for example when my kiddos proof that they can say “mama” I don’t know how many times per day, per hour, per minute. In those moments when I realize that those headlines stating “toddlers throw somewhat 300 questions per day at their mothers” are true. In those moments when my ears are exposed to such a high level of noise that for a second, everything becomes blank in my head.

When I reach that point, I know that I have to make time for myself again. Time for silence, so that I can make space to think clearly again and organize my thoughts because otherwise everything becomes foggy and weird. So I have started to seek for moments and be on my own. Just with myself. And maybe some paper, a pen or maybe a book. In those moments I breathe and remember again what it feels like, this sound of silence. I remember it and cherish it…until motherhood gets loud again.

Wishing all you mamas  some well deserved silence every once in a while!


Picture credit by the little bird

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