Family Travel:Explore Amsterdam With Holiday-Sitters


During our trip to Japan two years ago, my husband and I kept talking about how amazing it would be to have a trustworthy babysitter while being in a city such as Tokyo. As we were traveling with our kiddo we had to skip that tiny Michelin star rated sushi restaurant which opened only at night time, a night out in one of Shinjuku’s karaoke bars as well as some time together in one of Tokyo’s fun but extremely noisy arcade halls. All these activities were clearly not suitable for our 15 months old toddler and not knowing a  babysitter who would speak our kid’s language, we kept these spots on our list for a future trip; one without kids…however, wouldn’t it be great if you could travel as a family and enjoy some couple time, too ?

A Multi-Language Babysitting Platform

Well, parents who travel to Amsterdam don’t have to make this choice anymore thanks to Holiday Sitters. Founded by Galit, Ela and Mathieu, all parents themselves, Holiday Sitters is an Amsterdam-based multi-language babysitting platform that allows parents to combine family travel with some couple time. Priding themselves in vetting only the most trustworthy and talented sitters in the city  – all sitters have to pass various psychological tests and provide references– , Holiday Sitters offer a pool of nannies from which parents can choose the one they feel the most comfortable with and…drum rolling…who speaks their language! English, German, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian only to name a few; with 20 different languages to date, the platform aims to cover as many languages as possible !

Compared to most nanny services which tend to require a subscription followed by rather complex steps, Holiday Sitters’ booking process is easy and hassle free. At a cost of 15 EUR per hour for a minimum of three hours, the service is subscription – free and allows also  last-minute bookings (of course the service is also open to Amsterdam-based parents). All babysitters do have a profile featuring their biography, a little video as well as their rating from past bookings (think Airbnb here!).

Chat And Skype Meetings To Familiarise With Your Sitter 

Once you’ve chosen your sitter you can then schedule chat and Skype meetings to get to know each other and discuss everything you wish. I like in particular this point as it allows to introduce the sitter in advance to the kid(s)…because personally speaking, there is no way that my toddler kiddo would feel comfortable with staying with someone he has never seen before !

Moreover, knowing that exploring a city with or without kids are two different pieces of cake, Holiday-Sitters is working on becoming a digital Marry Poppins to provide parents with all the kids-friendly travel tips which regular travel guides does not feature. Playgrounds, kids-friendly restaurants, the closest hospital ? You won’t need to look for that info anymore !

I love this whole concept and cross my fingers that Holiday-Sitters will be available in more cities soon. In the meantime, for those families who plan a trip to Amsterdam: Enjoy your trip…and a night out, too !

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