Parent Friendly Toddler Songs by Yo Gabba Gabba


Toddlers love nursery rhymes. They just do. They love those simple melodies with their basic lyrics which are easy to memorise. Moreover, they are a pretty easy fix when some Youtube time is needed. That said, although they may be composed for toddlers I am eventually listening to them, too. And my mama brain does not have hard time memorising these songs. No. They plant themselves profoundly in my head and get stuck their while waiting for the next occasion to be reactivated! Whether it’s the “wheels on the bus”, the “finger family” song (the most annoying one in my eyes) or the one about those “kittens who lost their mittens” and which shall or shall not have some pie: as soon as I hear just the the tiniest bit of those songs – and this happens more often than I’d love to because there are nursery rhyme singing toddlers everywhere! – they’re back in my head and will stay there for the rest of the day !

When I discovered that there is Yo Gabba-Gabba, a kids show available on Youtube (and Nick.jr) that features songs with some of my favorite artists, I was simply amazed. What a difference it makes when you have Eryka Badu singing about her remedy against feeling down or Biz Markie making a song about what one shall do when something got lost. My favourite song though is the one featuring those two and Bootsy Collins (!) … I just love funk music! That said, for parents who are into other music styles, there are also videos featuring artists such as Weezer, Cut Copy and MGMTSure, some of the videos look particularly space but let’s be honest: most of the stuff for toddlers featuring colourful happy puppets looks like if the creators of those shows had been on something. However, what matters is that before I get the next wheels-on-the-bus-headache, I’ll sneak in some of those tunes in. By the way, the little bird loves them and so do I 😉