Babywearing: The Babywearing Consultant

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Why book a baby wearing consultant ?

Before the birth of the little bird, I didn’t look much into babywearing. However, soon after his birth  I figured out that I may should have at least thought about it. Why ? Because that’s what I was doing. I was carrying my baby. All day long. I carried him because that’s what he liked, well and me, too. That said, it also meant that I couldn’t do much around the house and moreover, my arms and back started to hurt. I needed a babywearing solution, one which would be comfortable and harmless for both my baby and me. At that time, I had purchased a wrap on sale but neither the manual nor youtube videos taught me properly how to use it. There were so many ways on how to bind the wrap. Some were even contradictory (healthy for the baby’s posture vs unhealthy), and they all looked too complicated and time consuming. Although I did like the idea on wearing my baby in a soft wrap, I abandoned this option and went to Teuntje in Amsterdam West, where I bought a baby carrier (find out which one here) which just seemed so much easier to use.

Meet Darcia, the UrbanBabywearer

It’s at Teuntje that I met Darcia. Darcia is one of Amsterdam’s certified babywearing consultants. Besides advising parents at Teuntje on which babywearing solution to choose and how to use it without harming themselves nor the baby, she runs as well her independent baby wearing business, The Urban BabyWearer, through which you can book a 1-on-1 babywearing workshop with her. For my second baby, I was longing for carrying her in a soft and stretchy wrap, especially in those first newborn months. I just felt that it’s nicer than starting directly with a carrier and besides, I loved the idea of being able to integrate my wrap into my wardrobe thanks to all those beautiful designs that are out there. As I wanted to be prepared, I pre-booked a session with Darcia for shortly after my baby’s birth because yes, babywearing consultants have rather full schedules!

The Session

When Darcia arrived at our house with her big bag full of different types of baby wraps and slings, a pretty heavy baby doll for practicing as well as her cute assistant Ravi (Darcia’s son), I knew that I was in good hands. During 1.5 hours, Darcia demonstrated  a couple of binding techniques for the various wraps (stitch vs woven) and the ring sling, shared tips and tricks, responded to my questions and helped me practise and memorise all steps, all at a perfect pace so that my slow breastfeeding-new-mama brain could easily follow her. At the end of our session, my baby wearing skills had improved so much that I was able to bind the wrap in a tight but comfortable way, add stability for my baby’s neck and even flip over the edges on the shoulders, making the whole thing look like a Tee-shirt. I was impressed!


I still am very happy that I did that course. Unless you are a natural babywearing genius I believe that you just cannot beat training with a true expert, especially if you aim to use a wrap or sling. There are various points that need to be followed if you don’t want to harm your baby and your back. Having someone who knows exactly what to do/not to do is like gold…and being able to easily wrap your baby,whether you’re at home, on the go, for soothing when she/he is crying, well that is just priceless!

The UrbanBabywearer

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Processed with VSCO with 5 preset

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