Oh wie schön ist Panama

Little Bird's Mama Blog Panama.jpg

Panama…this had never been a country that I thought I would ever live in. To be honest,  when thinking about Panama the only things which used to come to my mind were the Panama Canal, a German children’s book by the author Janosch called Oh wie schön ist Panama (Oh how beautiful is Panama), well and the Panama papers…but that’s it. Besides, I had never had a real idea on what Panama and in particular Panama City would be like. Strangely, this did not keep me saying “go for it” when my man told me about a potential job there. That was only one week before the due date of our baby girl. Although one side in me would have loved to stay for a little longer in the home we had just moved into in January,  I knew that this was the right time to make a move. I felt it. I knew that this was the opportunity to start something great, to show our children another part of the world which would be so different from what we’ve known in Europe. So three weeks later, the deal was done and it became official: we were moving to Panama ! Three months later, we packed our belongings, said bye to family and friends and took that 11 hour long flight which would bring us to this tropical country  in Central America we would call home for the coming years.

Looking back, it feels unbelievable that we really managed to make all this happen in such little time. It happened so fast. It also happened during a time of transition as we just had become a family of four. I don’t really know how we did it. But we did. So here I sit now, wearing shorts and a tee-shirt while it’s 30 degrees outside. We turned the Amsterdam page and started a new chapter…so what will you find in this space from now ? Will it change a lot ? A little, yes. Moving to Panama has changed me a little, it has opened my eyes on topics which didn’t seem that obvious before. However, beside that, Little Bird’s Mama will continue to be about motherhood and beyond, and those stories will have a new  backdrop, more tropical (bye bye canals of Amsterdam).

With that in mind, instead of sending you a Dutch doei, it’ll be from now Banana scented wishes because as the little bear says in Janosch’ book, “Panama smells from the top to the bottom like bananas”!