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I hope you don’t mind that it’s been a little bit silently here on the blog. Settling in as a family of four and enjoying these precious moments has taken all my time…well, and then there was also our move to Panama; but that is another story (more to come soon)!

Although I love writing here I wanted to make sure that I enjoy the first time as a family of four to the fullest. It’s a time of change, a time that requires us to make adjustments, to take it slow…and that’s what I’ve done. I took time to welcome and get to know my baby girl, to cuddle as much as possible. I took time to let my body pause a little, to heal from the birth and settle in in order to get the milk production going. I took time…a lot of time. We stayed in bed. We made no plans. We took it slow.

Although I felt well and went out with my baby girl after 7 days, still, those first weeks been all about staying in bed, laying on our couch, being home. I did want to give my baby and my body all the rest they needed. We cuddled a lot, skin-to-skin. We wore pyjamas, were covered in bed sheets. There was a lot of washing. I drank litres of herbal tea, ate dried fruits. We cuddled more, still skin-to-skin. We changed our clothes and linen numerous times, got to know each other, bonded.

But there was not only the two of us who needed this time. When a family grows, it is a change for the whole family. All members need to adapt to this new situation,  get used to those new dynamics that come along when a new life begins, find their new place, comfort each other.

It’s been a special time. Very emotional, not always easy but so important. I am glad that I took it.

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