That Shoot For Two


Just a couple of days before our little Miz arrived I was contacted by photographer Libia Arteaga for a pregnancy shoot. I had already done a photo shoot during my first pregnancy so I had not intended to do one again this time around. I just thought the fact that my baby bump had been captured already once in my life would be enough. That said, looking at the pictures, I am so glad that Libia had reached out to me. What I like about Libia’s work is that she captured not only the state of my belly but also those intimate moments between my little bird and myself. Yes, this time it was not only about me and my belly but also about my little bird; us together. I still look a lot at these pictures today and each time I do so I am so glad that we did this shoot. In particular the black and white one makes me realise how strong the bond between my son and me is and how happy and grateful I am for being able to have carried another baby and be the mom of those two kiddos.