My Second Pregnancy: The Third Trimester

Little Bird's mama Blog Third Trimester

I know that at this stage I should maybe write about a different topic. Those who follow me on Instagram may know that a lot has changed in the past months. That said, I just feel the need to finish the whole pregnancy story ( it may be my German is or my Virgo sign ?) so please pardon me if I keep too chronological. I promise, I will share more updated posts very soon 🙂

The Sleepy One

Somehow the second trimester seemed to have passed within a blink of an eye and I had to say bye to the easy and comfortable state that I had been in. As soon as I entered the third trimester I was hit again by tiredness. My body required me to take it slow and relax. Required ? Well, ordered would have been more suited. One day, while thrifting though a vintage shop, I took a break on a couch and literally fell a asleep. Like that. In the middle of the day. With that in mind, I tried to give my body the breaks it needed and get some sleep every time I felt a wave of tiredness hit me.

Yoga Love & Cycling

Although being tired, I felt amazingly well, both mentally and physically. Looking back I  am sure that this was linked to the prenatal Yoga classes which I was attending. Compared to my first pregnancy where I did only very soft pregnancy swimming in the third trimester, this time around I felt strong and vital thanks to being very much active until the last couple of days before I gave birth. Besides practicing Yoga, I also cycled around the city, on some days up to 17 kilometres. While using my bike I felt free – the weather was amazing at that time – and it was much easier and more comfortable than walking around with that big belly of mine.

Bonding with my first-born

During the last weeks of this pregnancy I felt the strong need to enjoy the moments that I would have with my first-born before the arrival of his baby sister. We had talked a lot about him becoming a big brother, had read books to him that explained this topic and made time for him to touch and play with my belly. However, in the last weeks it was like as if the two of use really wanted to soak up all those moments that we were having together; knowing that soon it was all going to change. We were both excited about what was to come but at the same time we felt sad that we wouldn’t be together the way we had used to during the past two years and a half. We cuddled a lot; cuddled and hugged every day. And then one evening, after I had read his bedtime story, he kissed my belly and gave me the strongest hug. It felt so warm and gave me the feeling like if he was trying to tell me “It’s ok, I’m ready to meet my sister now”. The next morning my water broke and the same day we met our baby girl.