Babywearing: Carry Them Close


dsc_9215When I had the little bird I hadn’t looked into the different possibilities on how I could wear my baby. I had received a baby carrier as a hand me down and hadn’t checked how to use it until I realised that my baby liked to be carried around.  The carrier turned out to be not adapted for newborns so I bought a wrap that was on sale. No one explained to me how to use it and after a couple of unsuccessful attempts on learning a technique on Youtube, I let go and bought a proper baby carrier (read the full story here).

However, I always liked the idea of wearing my baby as well in a wrap. Me too, I wanted this cozy, snuggly feeling of having my baby close to me, without any belts or buttons, but using only soft fabric. This is why I decided to do things properly this time and connect with a baby wearing consultant. In a new series about babywearing, I will share my babywearing journey and talk about the techniques I learned and the different wraps and slings I am trying. I hope you’ll enjoy 😉

The pictures were taken one week after my baby girl was born.  At that time I hadn’t met with the babywearing consultant yet…;)

Wrap – SollyBaby

Photo Credit: Libia Arteaga Photography