Pregnancy Style: Indigo Blue is the Warmest Colour

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Lets be honest: a lot of pregnancy clothing comes in the colour black, making it classic and versatile; just easy to combine. I’ve been wearing lots of it and focused on feeling comfortable. With the belly becoming bigger and bigger and my body accommodating more and more weight, finding the right amount of comfort was definitely key. That said, you can also feel comfortable and sexy at the same time!  That’s something that my man reminded me of when I scrolled through the web, looking for a nice dress for a night out. I looked for something casual whereas he was pointing towards this Indigo blue dress, which would show all of my curves. I am glad that I listened to him. When I put on that dress, I really loved it and embraced my body with every additional kilogram I had put on. The lace on the shoulders made my arms look smoother and the fabric hugged my curves perfectly. Not to mention this blue colour, which I had initially thought to be quite cold, but which turned out to be so beautifully warm on my skin, especially when paired with a bright red lipstick!

Dress – Tiffany Rose Maternity

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