Cherry Blossom in Amsterdam

Little Bird's Mama Blog Sakura 5 I love about Amsterdam that I still get to discover new places. For instance, until last week I had ignored the existence of the Japanese garden in the local forest, the Amsterdamse Bos. Featuring a field of cherry trees, this garden even has its own festival that takes place to celebrate the sakura season. During our Japan trip last year, I was completely amazed by the beauty of these blooming trees so when I heard that they were currently in full bloom, I felt the urge to go. It was a beautiful day but as the whether shifts easily here in the Netherlands, I didn’t want to loose time. I took the little bird, his scooter and some food and ordered a taxi with direction to the forest. When we arrived, we discovered in front of us, surrounded by fields of green, a sea of trees covered in white and blush coloured flowers that took our breath. The effect seemed to be the same for all people visiting this place, leaving everyone in a very calm and peaceful state. While the sun was shining, this was the perfect place for the little bird driving around with his scooter as well as our first picnic of the year. From now on, I will definitely remember the existence of this garden and make a visit to the sakura field an annual must !

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