My Second Pregnancy: The Second Trimester


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Every pregnancy has its surprises. That’s how I ended my post about my first trimester. When entering the second trimester, there were indeed a couple of other surprises which started to add a certain difference to this pregnancy. First of all, we found out that I am carrying a little miss. Although this had been my initial thought, I was still surprised when we received the confirmation during that ultrasound appointment.

The perks of 2nd pregnancies

Then there was also this sciatica back pain which I felt for a little while. Not having experienced it at all the first time around, I mentioned it to my midwife, questioning whether this wasn’t a bit early to appear. Well, imagine how surprised I was when I learned from her that one of the perks of second pregnancies is that most side effects just start much earlier. How right she was. A couple of weeks later I also experienced heartburn…something I only  knew as a result of the consumption of specific foods during  the very last weeks during my first pregnancy. Luckily, both sciatica pain and heartburn did not last long.

That chick is on speed

At that moment, I transformed into a chick on speed. Right on time when pregnancy calendars say that the nicest part of pregnancy is just about to start, my body did really incorporate this information. Suddenly, my tiredness was gone and I was full of energy. Bam ! Daytime naps were not needed anymore. Instead, I was so on that I really had to force myself to going to bed at night. I wanted to do stuff. Write. Read. Think. Clean our house…cleaning did actually become quite an obsession.

My dear toddler

I felt good and I was happy that I could give my son again all the attention he needed. We played, did a lot of activities and just enjoyed ourselves. That said, with having that much energy and the wish to spend time with the little bird, I forgot sometimes that I was pregnant. At 23 weeks, when I was crawling breathless on hands and knees while following my son through a padded tunnel in an indoor play park, yeah, that was the moment when I thought “Hmm, I don’t think I should be doing this anymore”. However, such moments of consciousness did not last very long, letting me hope that this must be a common thing among mothers who are pregnant again.

The bump

As I had started to show very early, I thought that my bump would grow now with a slower pace but surprise: it didn’t. It continued to grow like crazy, making me look heavily pregnant although I didn’t feel like it yet.

Weight, what ?

As a result of all those activities with my son, I just did not really put on that much weight. That said, I was mostly craving soups (Ramen, Pho…bring it on!) and oranges. Until week 28, I had gained somewhat 8,5 kilos which was much less compared to my first pregnancy. However, knowing my body I was sure that there was still more weight to come in the following weeks 😉

The perception of time

If you asked me about the biggest difference between my first and my second pregnancy, I’d definitely say that it is the perception of time. Whereas the first time around, I was longing for the weeks to pass, this pregnancy I feel that time is just flying. Every time I look at the calendar I just think “What?…already ?”, making the 40 weeks appear as if they were passing in a blink of an eye. That’s why I try to make time. Time to get into myself and connect with my baby. Whether it’s just a long shower or a proper massage, I try to make time because I don’t want to miss out on these precious moments before meeting the little miss 😉

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