Me, Myself & The Belly in Berlin

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Just right on time for the third trimester I decided that it was the perfect moment to pack my things and leave my man and the little bird for a weekend. Both had been ill with the chicken pox and a harsh flu virus so once the sick times were over I felt quite exhausted and needed some quality time with myself. No child to take care of. No household chores. Juste me and the belly.

I had booked a train ticket to Berlin where I wanted to spend some time with my brother and my dear friend and fellow mom-to-be Maria (aka @minivoodoo_official). I was really excited but when I had to say goodbye to my son, I was secretly wishing that I could take him with me. The mother brain is indeed dominant !

When I sat on the train I realised how relaxing travelling can be when you don’t have to take care of a toddler. I watched two (!) movies, read a little bit and even took a nap. This was amazing ! After a really good sleep during the first night, I woke up all fresh and clear. Not having any plans, we filled our agenda with mostly one thing: eating. Breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner…every day was organised around what delicious food we could eat.

For breakfast, we went to one of my favorite places which is Café Nest, a nice space with cozy interior near Görlitzer Park (Kreuzberg) where you can get good breakfast but also very delicious lunch. However, this time I also discovered new places such as Distrikt Coffee (Mitte), and the breakfast market at Markthalle Neun (Kreuzberg), where we had a variety of foods from the different food stands which you can find there. As we were lucky with the weather, one day we got ice cream from Vanille & Marille (Kreuzberg) before entering the Viktoria park where we had a great view on the city. For tea, we headed over to Ora, the former Oranien pharmacy. Having kept the beautiful interior with all its authentic props, this place is just magical and definitely one of my favorite spots in Berlin.

When we were not eating, we walked around or did a little bit of shopping because you must know, one of my main goals was to find something nice to bring back for my little bird 😉

After three days, I felt completely rejuvenated so with a smile on my face and a bag full of gifts only for the little one(s), I said goodbye to Berlin and took the train back to Amsterdam, already thinking about the great food I want to eat when visiting Berlin next time !

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