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I don’t get a lot of me-time during this second pregnancy. However, if there is one thing that I am really conscious about it’s that I try to take at least 5 minutes in the morning and in the evening to massage my belly. It may be just a short moment but following this ritual and giving this attention to my baby bump makes up for all the lack of me-time that I am experiencing this time around.

During my first pregnancy, the first official pregnancy gift that I received was a stretch mark massage oil from Weleda. My brother and his wife gave it to me but there was also a friend who was about to become a father for the second time who told me: “Get a bottle of this oil. You can’t start early enough !”. So I did. I applied it in the morning and in the evening and massaged it thoroughly onto the skin of my belly, my bum and my breasts.

I know that using oil and massaging the skin is not a guarantee for avoiding stretch marks. There are various factors that do play a role but hey, it is a great way to pamper the skin and ease possible itchiness while it gradually stretches out. The first time around this did work really well for me so I am currently following the same procedure every morning and evening. However, this time I have tried different types of oils as I am always interested in seeing what else is out there.

Petit & Jolie

Throughout my journey, I have tried the anti-stretch mark oil from Petit et Jolie . Maybe it’s just me or the fact that I was used to the more natural and herbal scent of the Weleda oil, but the very sweet vanilla scent of this oil just did not work out for me. It made me feel nauseous which was a rather annoying side effect that I hadn’t expected.


For Christmas, my man gifted me with a selection of products form the Parisian pharmacy Officine de Buly, among which I received a small bottle of the cold pressed Baobab Seeds Oil which is supposed to work wonders on a pregnant woman’s belly and hips. I really liked the nutty smell. However, with having a rather thick texture massaging it into the skin was definitely more of an effort.

Mütter Berlin

A little bit later, I was introduced to a new brand from Berlin called Mütter Berlin whose founder was fascinated by the fact that her Mutter (mother in English) never had any stretch marks. The mother’s answer to this enigma was the use of high quality olive oil. With olive oil including antioxidants such as Vitamin E it is highly beneficial for our skin, especially during pregnancy. Hence, Mütter Berlin offers belly oils that are exclusively made of hand-picked organic olives from a small family-run farm in Puglia in Italy. Mixed together with either freshly picked oranges or lemons, these oils are available in those two blends, all free of unnecessary fragrances and coloring agents. I have tried the orange blend oil and its scent does really prove the high quality of its ingredients. It smells so yummy that I would love to eat it immediately…with bread or on a fresh green salad ! One may ask now “why not use regular organic olive oil instead ?” Well, beside its high quality ingredients, Mütter belly oil has also a lighter texture compared to regular kitchen olive oil, making it neither greasy nor sticky and hence really easy to massage into the skin. Bliss !

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