Amsterdam With Kids: Hortus Botanicus

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The sky is grey, it is rather cold outside and just two days ago it even snowed. This doesn’t sound much like the weather to visit a garden, right ? That said, the fabulous thing with the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam is that is has five greenhouses that you can also enjoy on bad weather days.

When visiting, we always start with the butterfly house. Being heated and of rather small size, it is cozy and allows to warm-up while discovering the various butterflies that are either still cocooning or flying around. We head then over to the palm house where the little bird is always amazed about the big palm trees and aloe vera plants. Afterwards, we walk through the garden to enter the main greenhouse, the three climate greenhouse. Representing the subtropics, the tropics and the desert, these houses are connected with each other while featuring their own temperature, humidity and plants specifies.

I love that you can discover the variety of plants from different angles, while either walking on small paths or choosing the treetop walk (available in the subtropics and tropics), which is positioned on a higher level. Not all of these paths are accessible for strollers so I highly recommend to leave it at the entrance of the greenhouse and use a baby carrier instead. If you get hungry, there is a cute little restaurant located just at the entrance as well as a small shop held by the lovely staff that offers seeds, books and other cute souvenirs that are of course all linked to plants.

Although Hortus Botanicus is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world, it is still a more secret destination compared to the Amsterdam Zoo Artis (which is just a five minute walk from there), making it is less crowded and a very calm and relaxing location to spend time at with small children.

So far, we have enjoyed every visit and are obviously looking forward to the warm and sunny days so that we can also discover the outside area and see the garden it its full bloom.


Hortus Botanicus

Plantage Middelaan 2a

1018 DD Amsterdam

Opening Hours: Daily 10h – 17h

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