JAPAN DIARY: Kyoto (Moga Moga Café, Fushimi Inari-taisha, Bamboo Grove, Gion)


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When speaking about Kyoto there is obviously one thing that always pops up. Sightseeing. Of course we did some of it but not before having a calm and cozy breakfast. Thanks to the Machiya rental via Airbnb we had a voucher for a meal at the cute Moga Moga café which was located almost next door.  The interior was so sweet and colourful that we stayed for quiet a while, looking at all the little things that were exposed.

Fushimi Inari Shrine

After that dose of cuteness, we made our way to Fushimi Inari-taisha. We arrived just before lunch time so there were already quite a lot of tourists but it was not as overloaded as we had thought it would be. When visiting this site with a small child I can just give you one advise: don’t take a stroller but use a carrier. As we had both with us (I liked to put the little bird down once he was asleep to feel a bit lighter ;)), we couldn’t make it all the way to the top due to the stairs. However, we still managed to see a good piece of this beautiful site with its countless orange gates.

Bamboo Grove

Our second stop was the Bamboo Grove. It was indeed a beautiful walk but again, with this site being very touristic it was also quite crowded.

Gion district

In the late afternoon, we walked from the centre to the Gion district, the area of the geishas. As our little bird started to get hungry this walk became more of a hunt for a place where we could have a quick meal but this didn’t keep us from admiring the stunning cherry blossom which was in its whole beauty at that moment. However, except from tourists dressing up as geishas we did not manage to see one of the real geisha women which this area is so famous for.

At the end of the day, the little bird was peacefully sleeping in the stroller so my man and I went again to the same restaurant where we were welcomed the prior night in such a nice way. None of the staff spoke English but thanks to Google translate we managed to order fresh and delicious sashimi, with one being made from a fish coming straight out of the aquarium that was standing next to the chef. While drinking sake and feeling totally relaxed we ended our stay, thinking that we would definitely come back here soon!

My 2 cents

Although we really loved visiting the famous sites of Kyoto we definitely preferred exploring this city while walking around in the small neighbourhoods, just looking at the small houses, shops and talking to the people that make Kyoto so special.

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Little Bird's Mama Blog Moga Moga Café

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