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I was really disappointed with the fit and quality of the H&M maternity jeans. Fact is that when I am pregnant I put on weight on my bum and thighs. I get big so I need pants that can accommodate my new shape, keep me comfortable but also look more dressed than a regular legging. When one of my friends told me how amazing the pants of BAE the label were, I had to check this out myself. Coming all the way from Australia, BAE the Label is all about pregnancy fashion that combines a laid-back feel with styled design. Beside maternity basics such as pants, dresses and tops, BAE the Label has also a maternity active range, BAE Fit , made for all those who want to stay 100 % comfortable while pursuing their sports activity during pregnancy.

I have been wearing the Noir Skinny Pant and the Berceuse Skinny Jean for three weeks now and I am really happy with both the fit and the quality of these pants. I like that the Noir Skinny Pant has a tiny bit of shine in its material making it look chic when I want it to but also casual when I feel like it. The pants are super stretch so I am pretty sure that they will make it to the very end of my pregnancy, no matter the weight I will gain. The same counts for the Berceuse Skinny Jean which comes in a very clear indigo blue and which is my must-have pant on those days where I am fed up with wearing black. Another plus point is that the band running over the belly is made of soft and smooth nylon and not cotton (which often tends to itch). Moreover, the use of nylon avoids that my top sticks to the pant but hangs nice and loosely. Bliss !

Beside the products, I really liked as well that it took my order only 5 days to make it to Amsterdam. Combined with a cute pregnancy journal book that I received as a gift, this was indeed perfect service for the impatient pregnant lady that I currently am…:)

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