Pregnancy Style: Black & Denim

Little Bird's Mama Blog Pregnancy Look 2

During this pregnancy, I had to say goodbye to my regular jeans from early on as I started to show very fast. As most of the maternity wear from my first pregnancy was either really worn off or too big, I started to look for some newness. Unfortunately, when it comes to maternity fashion I feel that most stuff is quite boring or does just not fit my taste so I was really happy when I spotted this timeless black non-materinity dress at the Sissy Boy boutique in our neighbourhood. With its turtleneck and long shape I can wear it during winter without feeling too cold. I am now 24 weeks pregnant and it stretches and accommodates my growing belly perfectly. I combined it here with a denim waistcoat and a big, chunky black/transparent necklace. I love waistcoats, especially made of denim, as they allow you to add some texture and a rugged feel to a more basic item. When it comes to shoes I have to admit that I prefer it flat and comfortable these days so I am wearing my pair of croco-black velcro Adidas Stan Smith shoes.

Dress – Sissy Boy

Denim Waistcoat – Levi’s

Necklace – Vintage

Shoes – mi adidas


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