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When I was pregnant with the little bird one big item on my must-have list was a diaper bag. That bag that I would need every day and which would allow to fit in an organised way a changing mat, diapers, wipes, cream, toys and snacks just to name a few.

When I looked for bags I immediately realised that there was one problem. The design. I could’t find a single bag that I liked. Sure, they all were more or less functional and had a lot of storage space but there was not one style where I felt like “hey, this is me”. At the end I made a compromise and bought a Boo Poo diaper bag.  I was not 100% happy with the look but I liked the style enough and the family business story behind it was cute. However, it turned out that the system (the bag has an integrated changing mat) was not that practical so little by little I stopped using it and went for a regular tote bag where I stuffed all the listed things in a very chaotic way.

Speaking about chaos, this is something that inspired Mette Bordal Hansen and Gineline Kalleberg from Norway. They both felt that there was a lack of unisex aesthetic products for parents to manage the chaotic life they live once they have kids so they founded the brand KAOS. KAOS offers a small range of products with Skandinavian design such as the smart and pretty awesome looking Ransel diaper bag made of coated quality canvas, genuine leather and custom designed copper plated hardware.

I love the unisex style that allows both the mom and the dad to use the bag. A second plus is also that you can both fix it on the stroller and wear it as a normal shoulder bag but also as a backpack. Fact is, baby (and toddler) stuff can get heavy so it’s nice to be able to wear the bag in a comfortable way and not only on one side like regular bags which tend to give back pain. Moreover, the KAOS Ransel bag does really not look like a diaper bag so it can be worn even once the nappy poo poo days are over. This justifies the price of 187 EUR which is quite high but as said, you can also use the bag for as long as you like.

Besides in the KAOS webshop , these bags are also available in the beautiful Suzie Q Store which by the way sells only a carefully selected range of products from independent designers.

For spring, I would go for the KAOS Ransel Marsala model but with black being more versatile I think my heart is going towards that colour… what do you think ?

Picture credits by KAOS 

Little Bird's Mama Blog KAOS Ransel Diaper Bag

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