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I really love being pregnant. Watching my body change and accommodate my growing baby is a pretty amazing thing. However, when it comes to dressing this body of mine I really have a hard time finding items that fit both my comfort and style needs. I don’t know what it is but it seems that brands seem to think that comfort stands for casual home wear and unnecessary detailing.

This is really not what I am looking for so I am starting a series to talk about those brands that have introduced maternity wear in a different and smarter way.

This is where Storq fits in. Founded by Courtney Klein who believed that a woman’s wardrobe doesn’t need to change that much when being pregnant, this label offers a select range of maternity essentials that can either be shopped individually or by bundle.

Built around versatile and minimalistic pieces such as the black legging, a black skirt (my favorite piece ), a black Tee-shirt dress and a tank top, these essentials form the base that can easily be combined with items from the existing wardrobe and dressed-up or dressed-down depending on the occasion. Made of 95% soft Lenzing Modal, a CO2-neutral fiber that comes from sustainably harvested beechwood forests, and 5% spandex while using only a minimal amount of seams, these pieces stretch without problems and adapt to the changing body. Moreover, the brand offers as well additional products such as underwear, socks and pregnancy care.

Beside the fact that the collection looks great and comfortable, I like that Storq manufactures its products in the USA in a FLA-certified factory and that all labels are screen printed using PVC free and water based ink. Another interesting point is that Storq has introduced the Storq Recycling initiative, allowing customers to send back their products once their pregnancy is over while all proceeds from these pieces go to the Circle of Health International.

A friend of mine introduced me to this brand and I had the possibility to touch the fabric of the tank top which is really super soft. As I was tired of the poor fit and quality of my H&M maternity essentials that I have been wearing during my first pregnancy (the bottoms did just not survive the 18kg I put on), I ordered the legging, the skirt and the tank top. Of course the price is a little bit higher but something tells me that the quality of these garments is better and will allow a longer product lifetime.

Unfortunately, the Dutch post is currently keeping my Storq parcel hostage so I can’t tell you yet my full verdict. However, I am really looking forward to trying out the products and feeling again comfortable without looking like a couch potato 🙂

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