Knits for Kids: Knitwear by Kalinka & Misha and Puff


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When we celebrated Christmas while it was 15 degrees outside I almost thought that we would not have anything like winter this time. Of course, the cold hit us after the holidays. Hello winter, here you are. Now that I have to dress my son with I don’t know how many layers, I wished I had stocked up a little on warm and cozy knitwear.

As I don’t know how to knit myself, it’s just natural that I got interested when I heard about the following kids fashion brands that are all about knits but do also stand for traditional craftsmanship, quality and playful designs as well as a very special sense for community.


I recently discovered this cute Bulgarian label. When being pregnant with her twins, Nora Docheva started to knit and got so much the hang of it that she started her own brand: Kalinka. Inspired by traditional patterns and with the know-how from grandmothers,  Kalinka offers a collection of beautiful designs for the little ones, all made of 100% Merino wool from Peru and hand-knitted by Bulgarian grandmothers. I am totally in love with the Prolet Shorts which just look adorable with those o-shaped baby and toddler legs as well as the Ruslan Cardigan with its fringes and of course the well chosen color range in which all items are available. Kalinka’s fan base is constantly growing and the pictures of their customer’s kids from all over the world are a true cuteness overload (check out their Instagram feed to enter the cuteness zone).

Picture credit by Kalinka


Misha & Puff

Founded in 2011 by Anna Wallack , the brand Misha and Puff brand has already acquired a big fan community (check out their Instagram here). Drawing on over ten years experience as a stylist and equipped with outstanding knitting skills, Anna first made knitted outfits for her baby before starting her own label. The special thing about Misha and Puff is that the collection is designed by Anna in the US while every single piece is hand-knitted by a group of women in Peru, allowing them to work from home or from the Misha & Puff knitting center where meals are provided and day care is offered for their children. I love that you can find the knitter’s name on the hang tag and the clothes are just adorable, with the Popcorn Sweater being my favorite.

Picture credits by Misha and Puff


Surely the price of the garments of both brands is quite high and represents an investment for most parents. However, given the quality materials and the craftsmanship that is put into making them I am convinced that these designs are worth their money…well, and on top of it, both brands are currently on sale 🙂