My Second Pregnancy: The First Trimester

Little Bird's Mama Blog 1st Trimester


The night before I did a pregnancy test I was out partying in a small bar in Amsterdam. I remember that I asked at some point something like “…so and then Ken left ?”. With all the noise from the music and people shouting around us, my friends replied “WHAT YOU ARE PREGNANT?”. With a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other, the situation could’t have been more odd. Obviously, I denied their assumption. No way. I was not pregnant. I would have known if I was. Right?

“When you’ve been pregnant before, you know the signs”

That’s the same thing a friend had told me when she announced her second pregnancy: “When you’ve been pregnant before you know the signs “. But what if these signs change? In my case, I was still about to get my period so I was’t looking for any signs. Ok, maybe I was looking for those blown up and really tender boobs which were the main factor that pointed towards my pregnancy the first time around. But this time there were non. Instead, my lower abdomen was blown up; something that always happens before I got my period. So everything seemed pretty normal.

However, being a little bit superstitious, I bought a no-name pregnancy test the day after the party. In between bringing the little bird to bed I made the test and did really expect anything positive from it. When I saw a long stripe I did not even know what it meant. After reading the product description, I knew I was pregnant…this was a real surprise !

Hello Pregnancy Nausea

It was also by surprise that pregnancy nausea hit me beginning of week number 7. During my first pregnancy, I did not have to deal with this annoying side effect at all. Ok, I felt a bit nauseous when it was time to eat but once I had a bite of something the feeling was gone. This time around, it was bad. If I could have called it morning sickness, I would have been happy but it was more of a constant feeling that I had throughout the whole day. At first, I tried to make the nausea go away with eating but it did not work. Eating also made my stomach ache. Smelling and looking at food was so bad that I could not even shop for groceries. The simple idea of my favorite foods made me so sick that it made me almost cry. The annoying thing was also that I could not throw up. What a weird thought, I know, but when you are feeling sick vomiting can sometimes be some sort of release. With no real remedies in my hands I transformed into a miserable person who spent her days on the couch while eating tiny bits of crackers and sipping ginger tea; all topped up with me watching way too many seasons of Revenge. However, in between all this, somehow I also managed to work, making me realise again how amazing and strong the female body can be !

Sleepy…what ?

Luckily, the nausea left as quick as it had appeared. By week number nine I was done with it and could slowly start eating normally again. The sleepiness, which had kicked in at the same time as the nausea, however stayed. As I could have assumed,  being tired when you have to take care of a toddler is actually not that fun. The days when I was alone with the little bird seemed even longer but to make things work I just took a nap together with him. In the evening, I just fell asleep right next to him once I had read his bedtime story. To get some help and some moments to rest, I also visited my family…with and without the little bird.

Pump up the bump !

One thing that I was and still am really amazed about is how fast I started to show. At 9 weeks, my belly already looked as round as during week 16 in my first pregnancy. Now one could assume that this is a common thing for second-time mothers but after talking to a couple of other mothers about there experience it turned out that again, this phenomenon differs from woman to woman.


So…what are the take aways from my first semester ? Well, in my case I definitely understood that every pregnancy is different. Although I thought that I knew what to expect, I experienced that every pregnancy is a road full of surprises … I can’t wait for what is still to come !