Happy New Year !

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Bye bye 2015, hello 2016 !

The past year has been an amazing ride where I was able to learn a couple of things to make my life even better. The key take aways ?

  • Focus on the positive things in life and cut those that pollute your environment with negative energy. For instance, I unfollowed all media that publishes stuff about the Kardashians…
  • Do what needs to be done. Sounds pretty simple, I know, but it can be a real burden for those (myself included) who like to procrastinate. It does actually feel really good when the annoying admin stuff and house work is done…so just do it !
  • Take time. Take time for yourself. Taking time is so important … sometimes, the best ideas come when you’re bored…and now you’re definitely asking yourself when that has been the case for the last time, right ? I started with 30 minutes here and there. It’s not a lot but it’s definitely better than no time at all.
  • Set some goals and write them down. Once that’s done they become more real and easier to pursue. I experienced that if I don’t do it, my goals form a mix of foggy thoughts in my head.


  • This one is for the parents: Continue selective listening when talking to other parents. You know, those who want to give you advise…sometimes it’s better to get the info through one ear and let it leave your head straight away through the other 😉

Beside the above, I have also seen that I really want to continue writing this blog. I am so glad that you are following me on Facebook and Instagram and read my stories here.  I want to thank you for your support, inspiration and encouragement ! There are so many exciting things about to happen in 2016 and I am looking forward to sharing then here with you 😉



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