Mama’s Top 5 on Instagram in 2015


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Instagram is the home of the goddesses of family storytelling. Having beautiful children, a beautiful home and certainly a beautiful camera (other than the iphone 6), these mamas are able to set their life in such a wonderful light that thousands of people follow them every day; making them the perfect canvas for products that we see over and over again until we  fall for them … or not 🙂

Here is a review of the items that appeared most on my feed in 2015.

1. Mini Dressing Racoon Socks

These socks were all over Instagram and when I say all over I mean ALL OVER. All sweet children of blogging or Instagramming mamas wore them…either on their naked legs, with knickerbockers or worn over trousers combined with Aigle rain boots. I have to admit: I fell for them when I saw them in a shop in Antwerp during one of our visits…but given their cuteness (kawaiiiiii) and the great fit (they really stay up!), I don’t care and won’t feel ashamed.

Little Bird's Mama Mini Dressing Racoon socks

Picture credit by Mini Dressing


2. Statements 

I don’t know what it is but 2015 must have been all about statements when it comes to nurseries. Hand drawn, printed, assembled on letter banners, featured on light boxes, well you name it. One thing is for sure, statements have been everywhere. I made my way around this trend as I almost never find a statement that I like (except from the Jeremyville “Haters just need a hug” painting which I had bought in Brooklyn…but that was 4 years ago :)). How about you ? Do you statement or not ?

Little Bird's Mama Blog MiniLearners

Picture credit by Mini Learners

Little Bird's Mama Letter Banners Omm design

Picture credit by Omm Design

Little Bird's Mama Blog Lovely Little Light Box 2

Picture credit by a little lovely company 


3. Teepees for kids rooms 

Nowadays, teepees for kids look everything else than childish. Both independent creators (check out the huge offer on Etsy) and well-established brands such as Nobodinoz have come up with designs that look both modern and playful; allowing them to match a carefully decorated living room, too. I have seen so many of these cute tents on my feed and knowing that my little bird loves to play within his own den, I was really thinking about buying him a teepee for Christmas.

However, it turned out that a self-made DIY version made of a stand with a hanging mosquito net, a couple of cushions and fairy lights was equally efficient…and made me remember that the fun part is not only about playing but also building the den.



Picture credit by Nobodinoz


1.The BeeAndTheFox Bird Mother Tee

Being one of the more discrete IG products, this tee has been less “in your face” than the products above but it still appears every now and then on my feed. Of course it’s the name on the tee that makes me think “This is for me !”. Besides the title, I don’t even know what is so amazing about it. Maybe it’s the vintage yellowish color and the retro font or the combination of both seen on a hot mama wearing it with high waist blue jeans…I don’t know. All I know is that there is something about this tee…to be continued 😉

Little Bird's Mama Blog The Bee and the Fox 2

Picture credit The Bee and the Fox

5. The Maman Cool Sweater by émoi – émoi

This may be more a French thing though. With embroidered statements such as “Maman Cool” (laid back mom) or “Maman Poule” (the French equivalent of mama bear) which do also exist in the mini version, I have seen a lot of French IG mamas and kiddos wearing the sweaters by the brand émoi-émoi. Whereas I like the idea for kids and the Maman Poule approach, as an adult I believe that there is no need to call out that you are cool when it’s a fact … but that’s just me. What do you think?

Litte Bird's Mama Blog emoi emoi Maman Cool sweater

Little Bird's Mamam Blog emoi emoi mini sweaters

Picture credit by émoi émoi

Now it’s your turn. Which items did catch your eye on Instagram in 2015?