Do you Speak Moccs? Baby Moccasins by Amy & Ivor, Lex & Liv, Tough Cookie Store and Little Lambo

Lex & Liv Penny's Loafer

It’s official: I have a thing for baby shoes. Speaking of which, a lot has happened on the moccs front since I published my last moccs overview. More and more brands are arising but in the deep of this jungle, there are some family businesses that have particularly caught my eye. What they have in common? Great design and a deep sense for sustainability !

Amy & Ivor

Well, Amy & Ivor is everything but new on the baby mocks market. In fact, this beautiful brand already exists since 2013 but somehow I did not feature it back in my first post. How could I ?

Founded by the lovely Alice Hedley who I had the chance to chat with at Playtime Paris in January, Amy & Ivor is a British family run business, with a tiny team of two handling all aspects of managing the business, including the handmade manufacture of every pair of shoes sold.  Following an ethical and environmentally conscious approach, only the the best quality and most eco friendly and safest materials are used for the shoes.

The hard work did pay off as Amy & Ivor was picked up by The Green Parent magazine as their Best Barefoot Shoes for Children in Dec 2013, and received the Milk Magazine Best Footwear award for their SS15 collection. This recognition combined with the great designs such as the Cheetah Moccs (my ultimate favorite), the Black Petrol Traveller or the Putty Cinnamon Ink Urban Moccs, makes it quite understandable that Amy & Ivor is currently dealt as the most stylish soft sole shoe brand for babies and toddlers.

Amy & Ivor Black Petrol Traveller

Amy & Ivor Putty Vinnamon Ink Urban Moccs

Picture Credit: Amy & Ivor



Let’s have a look at what’s new overseas. Based in Rochester, New York, there is a brand called Lex&Liv, producing hand made baby and toddler soft sole shoes from the finest non-toxic, vegetable tanned cowhide. Being extremely soft and breathable, Lex&Liv moccasins are cut to follow the foot’s natural form which enables the leather to stretch evenly across the line of the toes, extending the wearability of the shoe. Many of the color options are obtained using vegetable tannins and do not contain dyestuff whereas all other colors are obtained using only food grade dyes.

Beside the designs which do really stand out from the crowd (look at the Penny’s Loafer, the Silver Birch and the Blue Feather), I do also love that fact that each order comes specially packaged in an elegant organic cotton drawstring bag that is handmade by the Lex&Liv team. Yes, you got it right, at Lex&Liv they do not use plastics in their packaging !

Lex & Liv Penny's Loafer

Lex and Liv Silver Birch Lexandliv Blue Feather

Picture Credit: Lex & Liv


Tough Cookie Store

Run by the Dutch couple Yvonne Yu and Daniel Settels, Tough Cookie Store was founded in 2014 and offers baby shoes and accessories. All products are hand-made of vegetable tanned, toxic free leather. What else is special ? The collection features the Macaron and the Skunk model that can be purchased with natural and flexible rubber outsoles for outdoor use. Jackpot! This way you can have the Converse look for your little ones while ensuring an anatomic and healthy fit.

Tough Cookie Store Skunk 1

Tough Cookie Store Skunk and Macaron

Picture Credit: Tough Cookie Store

Little Lambo

This may be the only brand where I am not sure whether it is really run by a family…but well 🙂

Based in Slovenia where baby and toddler moccasins are not so well known yet, the brand Little Lambo manufactures baby moccasins by hand that features in particular very girly designs. Not all styles are my thing but for instance, there is the Loubs model which just look exactly like a mini pair of Christian Louboutin moccasins for little girls. However, the collection features as well more unisex models such as the Tweety Star Booties with a nice color mix combined with little stars stamped into the leather. All shoes are hand-made in Slovenia and made of vegetable tanned and chrome free leather.

Picture Credit: Little Lambo

Little Lambo Loubs

Little Lambo Tweety Star Booties