Something New

Little bird's Mama Pregnant.JPG

In the past months, it’s been quite silent on this blog. With everything that is going on in our world, I just didn’t see the point in writing about products and all these fast living things; knowing that there were much more important topics that should be talked about but on which I was lacking extensive knowledge in order to adress them…and which would not have fitted into this space anyway.

I was quite put off by blogging and did not want to write just for the sake of it…well, and then there was the nausea, something which I hadn’t experienced during my first pregnancy, and which paralysed me completely for a couple of weeks.

Now, that I am 15 weeks pregnant with my second child and I regained my inner happiness, I feel ready to write again. Will I cover the same topics as before ? Kind of…but there will also be a new approach. Throughout the past year, our family changed. It’s a change in terms of food, material consumption but also our view on life. These are things I’d love to incorporate and share here…hopefully you’ll like it 🙂