I still remember why we chose to stay a couple of days on Zamami island. Being a paradise for snorkelling and whale watching (though only from January until March), Zamami island was also supposed to host one of the most beautiful beaches of the world, Furuzamami. As we were travelling with a toddler, it was the latter which convinced us that this island was what we were looking for: a relaxing couple of days in a beautiful and calm environment.

The offer in hotels confirmed that Zamami is a small and natural resort where it is still possible to focus on the essential things in life. All hotels where pretty basic and featured the same 2 star rating, of which we stayed at the Pension Takatsuki where we had booked a room with own bathroom. The place was not extraordinary but functional and clean; the staff was very welcoming and nice.

From Naha, we travelled with the fast ferry, Queen Zamami 3, which took around 50 minutes to get to Zamami island. When we arrived, we understood that this island was really of a small size. Our pension as well as most other hotels were only a five minute walk from the harbour. Although the sky was grey and covered with clouds, it was warm enough to wear a t-shirt and shorts. We rented two bikes and a toddler seat from the 1970’s (the only model available) and made our way to Furuzamami beach, only 1,5 km away from our pension. However, with the island being a bit hilly and the old bike and baby seat model that we had been given, we had to alternate between cycling and walking.

The beach turned out to be truly stunning with its turquoise water and soft sand. Due to low season we shared the beach with only two other couples … the perfect base for a relaxing couple of hours. However, if you are travelling with an active toddler who walks (well, let’s say runs) and wants to do his own thing, this beach may not the best location for you. With the water becoming deep very fast, our kiddo’s attempt to play “Point Break” kept us from enjoying the beach as much as we would have liked to. Also, the sun gave us a short (15 min) but very intense hello so good sun screen and a UVC swimsuit for kids are a must!

Foodwise, we loved the Mozukosoba, a very tasty soup with home made noodles, sea weed, ginger and Okinawa style porc. Honestly, it’s been one of the best soups we ever had in our life!

As we had come to Zamami without a plug converter we quickly ran out of battery which meant full disconnection from the internet for a couple of days. Given this fact as well as the small size of the island, the joyfulness of the people, the weather and the amazing food, we did truly spend a very peaceful and relaxing vacation. A must!

Zamami bridge

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zamami best soup

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Zamami village

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