Ali Dover


I was and am still a big fan of baby wearing. However, I always preferred proper carriers instead of using slings to carry my child (read why in my ergobaby review). That said, sometimes when I see certain sling designs, I would like to feel the opposite. This counts for instance when I see the slings made by the photographer Ali Dover.

Compared to most baby slings, the woven ones by Ali Dover don’t look like if they break a mom’s style. Instead, she makes them become a part of a woman’s wardrobe that stands out beautifully, thanks to the design and fabrics she uses. However, I am not going to lie that if I say that her styling and amazing photography play as well an inspirational role.

I love the fact that she only offers two different styles per season, which are colorful and timeless, with each of them being a signature piece of what she is passionate about. However, what I love most is that she makes baby wearing look stunning!

For sure, these pieces have their price (100 GBP) but I am sure that a sling by Ali Dover is a baby item that women will use and wear, over and over again…and eventually hand over to those daughters who are the next moms-to-be.

Pictures by Ali Dover