Japan Diary: Tokyo (Daikanyama, Shibuya, Kamiyamacho, Yojogi Park )

Little Bird's Mama near Yojogi Park

Planning our trip was so much easier thanks to our friend Doriana. Having spent her honeymoon travelling through Japan, she had such great in-depth knowledge which she had put in one compact email. It was so informative and mouth-watering; just like the recipes she is blogging about on her blog Nero di Seppia.

Except from the flight tickets which we had booked last November, our overall trip was planned quite last minute. (Procrastination is indeed THE weak point of our family.) However, thanks to Doriana, we managed to decide on the route and accomodation very quickly. Once all this was done, we packed our two suitcases, the Bugaboo Bee and flew via Munich to Tokyo.

Due to hotel room shortage, we had to stay the first three days in two different hotels, of which we spent the first night at the APA Hotel in Shibuya. I had read that the small hotel room size was quite normal for Tokyo standards. Our room was clean and efficient (I was really surprised by how confortable such small bath tubs can be) and ok for the most essential need which was to sleep.

After a first day strolling around in Shibuya, we checked in at the Westin Hotel near Ebisu station. Being a five star hotel, it was obviously higher priced but really worth its money. The room was huge, the service outstanding and the location (more residential) just stunning. It was close enough to Shibuya and Harajuku (great shopping!) which we accessed by a short detour to the neighbourhood of Daikanyama with its independant shops and cafes (check out the Monkey Cafe). From there, we walked towards the neighbourhood around Kamiyamacho where we found the pretty awesome book store Shibuya Publishing Booksellers (we spent a lot of time here) before entering Yojogi park where we could see the Cherry Blossom in its full picture. Compared to Shibuya, Daikanyama and Kamiyamacho were such calm and inspiring neighbourhoods … we simply LOVED it there!

Little Bird's Mama Hotel Westin Tokyo

Little Bird's Mama Ebisu

Little Bird's Mama Daikanyama


Little Bird's Mama Shibuya Publishing Booksellers

Littl Bird's Mama

Little Bird's Mama Tokyo

Little Bird's Mama Yojogi Park