The Energy Break

Little Birds Mama

I believe in one rule. When you drop your I Phone 6 by accident in the toilet it’s time to take a break and refill your energy levels. Two days ago, this did exactly happen to me. Some may question why I am taking my phone to the loo but most among you will know that when living with a toddler under two, the bathroom is often the only location where you can get a quick 2 minutes of silence and peace…humm, silence and peace 🙂

Well, but let’s talk about energy again. I have been wanting to post a diary of our Japan trip back in April for so long. This trip was such a great experience and a true bliss for our family. I wanted to share this with you but when we came back to Amsterdam after two amazing weeks in this beautiful country, business took over, followed by tiredness. Looking at our Japan pictures was our way to relax. Now that summer has arrived, I am sure that most of you are tired, too, but looking towards a well deserved break to get some energy back.  Over the next days, I will post pictures from Tokyo, Okinawa and Kyoto and share our experience on travelling with a toddler to Japan. I hope that sharing these gems will allow you to relax a bit and maybe make the wait until your vacation a bit easier … Iet’s celebrate the time to take a break. We all deserve it!