From Norway: Bla Fre

Thiago Littlebirdsmama Ba Fre Backpack

I love it when I find things for my little one that are different from the ordinary but sometimes these things just fine me. This counts for the brand Bla Fre from Norway. For Christmas, my brother’s gift for Thiago was a cute little backpack in powder blue (check as well the yellow one, so cute!); a cool alternative to the mini Fjällräven backpacks that you can see everywhere. Since Thiago started daycare this year, his backpack has become the everyday piece that includes all the things he needs when being away from home.

When checking out the brand’s website for more information, I discovered as well  lunchboxes and aluminium drink bottles, one cuter than the other. The designs are simple yet a bit retro-like and come in various colors – just right for kids. Take for example the lunchbox in form of a tractor or an owl …I guess that even the worst eater would get hungry when knowing that his/her meal is waiting in such a box.  The boxes are made of recyclable and BPA free plastic which are dishwasher safe which makes them in my eyes even cooler. Well, and Bla Fre is also a family company with a strong sense for social responsibility (find their chart here) which is like the cherry on the top for me when it comes to brands.

Enough said. I like what they do and if I’d knew what Bla Fre means I would end this post with it. However, my attempt to google translate this generated “browse fri” which I doubt to be 100% correct so let’s leave this here and just say that their products rock!


Bla Fre tractor red

Bla Fre owl box