Sweatpants Deluxe: Pom Berlin

pom Berlin

In our family we love to spend our weekends wearing sweatpants. At first, we did that only on Sundays but we have extended the need of comfort to the whole weekend. It doesn’t matter whether this is due to us being tired or us being simply lazy; at the end the result is the same. We love our sweatpants! Matched with the favorite sweater and pair of sneakers, they’re the best outfit to spend a slow, slow weekend with good food, drinks and not enough sleep.

With me loving the lazy look, I have obviously fallen for the kids label Pom Berlin from Germany. The collection features mainly sweatshirts, sweatpants and now also tees, made of soft cotton and featuring designs that scream both comfort and fun. I love the simplicity of the pieces and the color triangles in pop-up colors which do add a certain twist (honestly, if these existed for adults I would order one of the sweaters for myself). The quality and coolness have their price, with sweaters being available for 55 EUR and tees and sweatpants for 32 EUR.

Unfortunately, the sweatpants are currently sold out…a proof that we are not the only (lazy) family who likes to take it slow 😉

Pictures by Pom Berlin

Pom Berlin grey

pom berlin sweatpants

Pom Berlin sweater navy

Pom Berlin sweatpants navy