Aha, you know what it is…


The combination of black and yellow always reminded me of wasps. I hate wasps. They are carnivores and love to take a bite of my steak when we’re having a barbecue. I have always been told that “they don’t do anything when you stay calm” but that’s a lie. They are agressive and I have already been stuck without doing anything. I stood still and BIM, I started to feel this pain.

Good that Wiz Khalifa came out with his song black and yellow. Seeing both colors triggers an immediate “Aha, you know what it is…” in my head. When I see now a wasp I am still afraid but at least while imagining this song…black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow!


Sweater – pop cph

Shorts – Levi’s

Tights – COS

Shoes – Palladium Boots