The January Cocktail

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There is a reason why it’s been a bit quiet here. This Januray, I have been drinking a cocktail. A very strong cocktail full of flavours that made me feel:

1. Sweet: Yes, I am about to go back into work life! This will mean that I will be able to go to the bathroom alone and (almost) whenever I want to.

2. Stressed: Finding last minute a suited daycare solution for the little bird was quite a run.

3. Guilty:  Change and transition are never easy, especially for a little boy, so obviously my guilty mama conscience hit me. By the way, guilt is a bitch!

4. Sick: I figured out that in winter, kids play ping-pong when it comes to germs and diseases. We’ve been hit again by the worst cold ever. First the little bird. Then myself. Never take the fact that you can breath through your nose for granted. Ever!

5. like Hyde-Mom: The German blogger KiddotheKid posted a very honest blog about the Hyde-Mom phenomenon and how exhausted moms can transform from patient Jekyll personalities into evil alter-ego-bitches. With a list full of to dos, a sick child, not enough sleep for several days… I know what meeting Hyde-mom means.

6. Pampered: After almost two years, I finally went to a hairdresser to have my curls cut. I was welcomed with drinks and a cheese toastie. There was also a beauty consultant who massaged my hands. Do I need to say more?

7. Excited: This is a new chapter for the little bird, for myself and our family but I love change and I love challenges. This is good!


So now you know what I have been on to. It’s been a crazy drink and I am currently dealing with the hangover…once that’s done I’ll be back. I promise!