A Happy Thank You!

Littlebirdsmama Happy New YearLast year on New Year’s Eve, I went to bed at 11pm. I had just become a mom and had a hard time sitting comfortably. I was not in the mood for chatting… nor was drinking an option. All I wanted was to lay down and sleep.

I did not sleep a lot in 2014. In fact, there was not one night that I have slept through. The funny thing is that when I had the chance to go to bed early, I did not want to. Instead, I started this blog; this little space where I share my discoveries and thoughts with you. Sometimes I blog more, sometimes a bit less. Most of the time I write about labels, products and events that I like and sometimes I collaborate with brands that I love to present my honest product review…and then there are those moments when I become cheesy, but I can’t help it.

So in a nutshell, blogging has been big fun for me but what I love the most is that thanks to you, your comments and your feedback, I have enjoyed every single moment of this experience. That’s why I want to say to you mamas, papas, those to-be and those who don’t-want-to-be, Thank You and Happy New Year!