Light, Durable…Zuperzozial!

Zuperzozial Lion LittlebirdsmamaSometimes, I ask myself why I give my son a plate. Most of the time, it ends on the floor but I want him to get used to it so I continue presenting his food on a plate. His plates feature cute colorful drawings showing animals and pirates. They are cute and I love the fact that he has his own tableware.

A friend of mine, however, was looking for something less childish but that would still work for small kids, so when we sat in a cafe she pointed out that they were using plates by Zuperzozial. Made of natural materials such as bamboo fiber, corn powder or sugar, this brand makes 100% biodegradable tableware and house products which feature sleek and modern designs, available in a variety of colors that can be mixed and matched with endless possibilities. Plates and mugs are dishwasher proof and both light and durable, which makes them perfect for the daily use in particular with small children. For those who like their kids to have their own tableware, the Raw Earth collection does also include plates, bowls and mugs featuring beautiful animal prints. It is such a pity that Zuperzozial does not have a webshop but luckily there are plenty of shops (on- and offline) that sell their products.

When shopping at the big Sissy Boy boutique in my neighborhood, I spotted a shelf with Zuperzozial products and fell for the bowls featuring the hungry lion and flamingo, which are now a nice addition to my son’s tableware. The cost is pretty reasonable (I paid 7EUR per bowl) and the products are indeed very light and do not break…believe me, my son made the reality check 😉