Hugo Loves Tiki

Hugo Loves Tiki Garcon sweaterI have tried to write this post without sounding too cheesy but somehow it is impossible. I don’t know why this automatically happens when I want to write about something French. Let it be the French language, the culture (I love French chansons and food), the French landscape, the beauty of Paris or my French man and our little bird, I cannot avoid using words of general admiration.

However, how is it possible that I sound like this when talking about kids sweaters? Yes, you read right, sweaters for kids. I have discovered the independant label Hugo Loves Tiki which is not even from France but which uses the French language for most of its prints. I have literally FALLEN for the garcon sweatshirt. I just love it. It is cute. It is simple. It is a cool piece that can go with everything…and then there is the jus d’orange sweatshirt which is sweet and I love orange juice. Who doesn’t?

I think that is why more and more mamas are fans of Hugo Loves Tiki (check out #hugolovestiki on Instagram). I guess we tend to have a thing for both the French language and food (yep, food always goes, right?) which happen to be the two main sources of inspiration for the label’s prints and illustrations. Well, and those who do not like French words and fruits will at least fall for the sad face illustration.

Featured on tees, sweaters, caps, pillows, plates and posters, the designs by Cheyenne who founded Hugo Loves Tiki and who is a mom of two herself, are available on the brand’s e-shop but also at European based stockists such a Suzie Q and Cissy Wears with sweaters starting at 39 EUR.

I just love this stuff and I know that this sounds cheesy but at least it’s honest and comes straight from my heart 😉

Pictures by Hugo Loves Tiki

Jus d'orange Hugo loves Tiki

Sad Face Hugo Loves Tiki