Baby It’s Cold Outside: Winter Baby Must-Haves

Littlebirdsmama Koeka Maxi Cosi Sleeping Bag and Cover“New moms tend to keep their babies rather too warm than too cold.”, is one thing that my midwife told me when my son was born. She was so right. Especially with living in a city where you are exposed to a lot of temperature changes (public transport vs inside the house vs outside), I found it tricky to protect my baby from the cold while making sure that he doesn’t boil in the stroller when entering a heated space.

My friend M just asked me for winter baby advice and as temperatures are currently dropping down (hello winter!), I thought that it’s the perfect time to write about the products that kept my December baby warm.

Winter One-Piece

Last winter had not been that cold here, so I dressed my baby in a soft winter combination on top of his regular clothes. I had bought a quilted bear one-piece at Baby Gap which I really liked as it looked cute and was easy to put on and take off. On really cold days (like now) I would have gone for something closer to the overall by Mini Rodini.

One important thing when dressing the baby is that the clothes should not fit too tight. The tighter the clothes the less warming their effect on the baby 😉

Bonnet & Mittens

A comfy bonnet and mittens are must haves for winter babies. Personally, I have made the experience that fleece material works amazingly well as it is smooth and warming but I really do love accessories made of wool as they just look too cute.

For newborns, mittens are often already integrated in winter one-pieces so in that case you don’t even have to worry about them 😉

Face cream against cold wind

On cold and windy days, I put a little bit of the weather protection cream by Weleda on my son’s cheeks. I still use this cream on ice cold days as it protects his skin and keep it all smooth.



Before my son’s birth, I had ordered a lambskin as I wanted to pimp the stroller (Bugaboo Cameleon 3) and make it both comfortable and warm for him when laying in the Bugaboo Cameleon3. I was really happy with this purchase and now, that we can’t use it for the stroller anymore, it has become a blanket for his little chill area in our living room.

I covered the lambskin with a cotton blanket, to make sure that my baby’s mouth did not come in contact with the fur and also to protect the fur from my baby’s drool.

Winter cocoon vs Blankets 

As last year’s winter was pretty soft, I covered my baby with knitted blankets under the carrycot cover of the stroller. However, there are also special cocoons (i.e. by Maxi Cosi) on the market that are made to keep your baby warm and which, I think, are well suited for those who are looking for an easy and secure solution against the cold. Most stroller brands have a cocoon in their range but for our stroller model it did not exist (it only exists for the Bugaboo Bee). That said, with the right blankets or sleeping bag (see below) you can also achieve a great result and maybe avoid buying the cocoon which will last you only for the first couple of months as you’ll probably replace it the next season by a footmuff.

Hot water bottle/cherry stone cushion

On very cold days or when I knew that we would be out for a long time, I pre-heated the stroller with a hot water bottle or placed a warmed-up cherry stone cushion towards my baby’s feet to ensure that he stays warm. Obviously, I made sure that the temperature was right and not too hot.


To ensure that my son was warm enpugh when being transported in the Maxi Cosi, I had done some shopping at one of my favorite Dutch brands, Koeka. The Florence cover gave our second hand Maxi Cosi infant seat a fresh look and the Oslo sleeping bag kept my son really warm when we used the seat instead of the carrycot (by the way, on cold days we also used the sleeping bag for the Bugaboo stroller). We have still used the sleeping bag on the Maxi Cosi this year, so I can say that it’s been not only a beautiful but also a useful purchase.


Thanks to these products my son was definitely never too cold. Was he ever too warm? Yes, sometimes. However, from my experience, this is something that you cannot really avoid when living in the city. When entering the tram or walking into a shop, it worked best to “undress” him a bit (i.e. take off blankets, open up the one-piece), making the situation more bearable for him and well, keeping me active and hence, boiling warm 😉