Win The Travel Buddy by Mana’o nani!

Mana'o nani LittlebirdsmamaSome among you have been asking about these two teddies that appeared on some of my pictures here on the blog and Instagram. What are these fuzzy stuffed animals? What is this cuteness? Cute is definitely what I thought when I saw the Travel Buddy for the first time. I discovered them at the shop Big & Belg here in Amsterdam and just fell for the cute design and the awesome package which just screams “Take me, I am a gift!”. Designed by Mana’o nani, a start-up company from Poland which should definitely be followed, the travel buddy is a teddy with magnets in its paws, giving it super powers that allow it to be the little one’s fellow at any place and time. Especially when travelling, the teddy comes handy as you can attach it to any type of seat belt (car seat, Maxi Cosi, stroller, air plane…) … but it is also great for cuddeling, picking up keys that lay on the floor, playing peekaboo, dressing up bottles, attaching it to the kiddo’s wrist…well, you can do with it whatever you feel like! Coming in brown (choco) and white (coco) color, the travel buddy is made of viscose and costs approx. 20EUR, available online and among others at the following shops:

Amsterdam: Big & Belg,

Berlin: Schatzinsel , Gutes Spielzeug

To celebrate the launch of the travel buddy, I have been given two of these super power teddies which you can win and with today being the 1st of December, let’s kick off this holiday season properly! To enter the competition, just follow the below steps before Friday, December 5th 12pm :

1. Like Little Bird’s Mama here (but you can also follow me on top of it on Instagram and Bloglovin ;))

2. Like Mana’o Nani here

3. Leave under this post a comment on which color you would like to win (choco or coco)

The giveaway is open for Europe only!

Good luck and may the force of the teddy be with you 😉


The lucky winners of this giveaway are Yaso (choco) and Rae (coco). Please send me your contact details to and soon the teddies will be with you!

Littlebirdsmama Mana'o nani Travel Buddy

Mana'o nani Travel Buddy Littlebirdsmama

Littlebirdsmama Travel Buddy package