Amsterdam with Kids: Blender Amsterdam (Kids Concepstore & Cafe)

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A cafe and store dedicated to mothers and kids… this probaply would have been my nightmare before I became a mom. Thinking about all the noise, sticky food crumbs, and mothers talking with high voices to their children…this definitely would have given me creeps. Now, my child and I, we are the source for noise, sticky food crumps and caring high tone talk (not intentionally though), so when I heard of the recently opened Blender Amsterdam Kids Conceptstore & Cafe it was just natural that I had to go and see this rarity with my own eyes.

Founded by Eline and Rolien, both mothers of three (one of girls and the other one of boys), Blender Amsterdam is a combination of both kids friendly coffee place and store, making it in my opinion THE place in town for parents with small kids (who said that only mothers go to cafes and spend time with their kids… daddies do that, too!). For instance, whereas other kids friendly places fit only a couple of strollers, Blender does fit a lot of them. Moreover, the cafe disposes of several high chairs, a changing table as well as a big play area with various toys and a menu especially for toddlers that includes also healthy food options (BAM!). For hungry parents, the kitchen offers breakfast (croissants, muesli…) and various snacks such as sandwiches, salads and cakes (try out the raspberry cheese or banana cake…sooo good!). Speaking of which: consuming drinks or food is mandatory when spending time in the cafe so you cannot bring in your own food for your kids. However, with knowing that a space like this could not excist without funds and prices that are set at an affordable level, it is easy to respect this policy.

The store, which is seperated from the cafe by a wooden safety barriere, offers a selection of niche and mainstream brands, reflecting both what Eline’s and Rolien’s kids but also the shopping moms would love. Hence, at Blender Amsterdam you can find modern kids clothing, accessories and toys by Dutch labels such as Lucky No. 7 (read my post on this label here) and Moli (check out their tipis) as well as big names like all time favorite Lego and the long legged and disputed Barbie.

On Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays, Blender Amsterdam hosts as well a hairdresser, so if you want to enjoy a good coffee while your little one gets a new cut, you know where to go. Beside hairdressing, Eline and Rolien make the space aso available for rent for workshops or kids birthday.

In particular in autumn and winter time, it is amazing to have such a great space to go to with the little ones. Thiago loves the cars they have and I, well I love cake, so there is no doubt that we will spend more time there. See you soon 😉

Blender Amsterdam (Kids Conceptstore & Cafe): Ruysdaelstraat 9-11-13, 1071 WX Amsterdam, Monday – Sunday 9h15 – 17h30

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