With Schnapps to Japan

TinyModernism Littlebirdsmama

Travelling to Japan has been on top of our wish list for quite a while. Two weeks ago, when we were in our finest couch potatoe mood, we decided to make things serious and book our flight to Tokyo. The result: Two weeks booked for beginning of April, right on time for the cherry blossom period. Some people reacted to this Schnapsidee (crazy idea in German) rather reluctant. Maybe because a trip to Japan did not really seem the most suited when having a 16 months old child? They may be right. That said, we felt that having a small child should not keep us from travelling and exploring the world so here we are, all excited and hungry for tips, ideas and recommendations on where to stay, which places to go, what to see, where to eat (if you live in Japan or have been there, I am all ears 😉 ).

In the coming months, I will update you here on how the preparations for our trip to Japan with a toddler evolve. I am sure that this whole thing is a schnapsidee…but let’s be honest: schnapps can be pretty awesome!

Picture and toddler tee by TINY MODERNISM