Kind of Classic in November

Littlebirdsmama Autumn Look

I have a lot of 501 jeans but there is one pair in a nice wash that I had initially bought for a friend’s hen party costume. At the end, we chose against it so I brought the jeans home and threw them on a pile of clothes in an empty corner.They were a small size so I was convinced that they would not fit my curves any time soon; in particular not after having a baby. They lay there for months until today. Today, I decided to try them on and well, the jeans fit. With being such a versatile piece, I could have worn them with almost anything from my wardrobe but I decided to keep it kind of classic and picked a woolen sweater with graphic pattern, a grey blazer coat (I love the fabric, it’s so soft) by the just recently launched label,, and black ancle boots.

The way how my friend and I spent the afternoon was pretty much classic, too. We walked around in the Jordaan area, talked about everything and nothing, had a snack (exciting, right? ;)) and  –  if time hadn’t passed this fast – we would have had some good wine to get us a bit tipsy. Good that November just started. We’ll still have 29 days to take care of that last part.

Littlebirdsmama Autumn Look 2

Littlebirdsmama Autumn Look 3

Littlebirdsmama Autumn Look Walk


Blazer – Every.Day.Counts

Sweater – Levi’s Made and Crafted

501 Jeans – Levi’s

Bag – Marc by Marc Jacobs

Shoes – I have no clue… they are black and comfy