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Beau Loves hat

When I discovered the brand Beau LOves, one meme came to my mind: “Aways be yourself, unless you can be batman. Then always be batman”. In my eyes, Beau LOves is the batman among kids and baby clothing or let’s put it this way: if batman was a kid he would wear Beau Loves. The designs, cuts and colors are so subtle and original that every child (yes, boys and girls!) turns into a little super hero when wearing a piece of Beau LOves. Whether it’s the more obvious pieces such as the cape and the cat hat or any of the pieces featuring the crosses and black mask logo (I love the spiked hoody and the baseball jacket), the whole line inspires the fearless quirkyness of the coolest of all superheroes (yes, batman is the coolest of them all!).

Founded by Faye Wilde in 2010, Beau LOves is the result of this mom being inspired by the personality of her little son Beau and all the things he loves (and he seems to love superheroes). What I like a lot is that all products are not only designed and produced in London but also carbon neutral, making Beau LOves is a brand that supports local businesses and cares as well about the environment. Prices vary between 25 GBP for a baby onesie up to 52 GBP for the cape.

I won’t hide that I am big fan of this line; not only because the pieces look cool but in particular because these garments give kids the freedom to be who they are: kids…these little creatures with a strong sense for imagination, creativity and craziness. I love it when I go to the supermarket or a cafe and suddenly see a little girl dressed as a princess or a little spiderman boy talking to his mommy. When growing up, we loose a lot of this this quirkyness so I say yes to more little superheroes, dragons or whatever they want to be in our daily life!

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