Trick Or Treat With CuddleRoo



Where I have lived so far, Halloween has never been a big deal until the past few years. Since then, things have changed and we too have started to celebrate this holiday although it is rather limited to adults celebrating parties without the little ones being involved to collect candy (for this we have in Germany and the Netherlands St. Martins in November ;)). As I have always been a fan of costume parties, occasions like carneval and Halloween make me super excited so when I discovered on Instagram the brand CuddleRoo, I couldn’t stop laughing and think about costumes (am I weird?). Producing cute baby carrier covers that look like animals, CuddleRoo allows moms and dads to incorporate their babies into their costume (or to wear them just like that if they fancy to … no judgement ;)). Initially developed and hand-sewn by Sindy Beekman for her two little nieces and nephew, CudleRoo has evolved into a brand that offers nine different styles such as the dragon, panda bear, unicorn, giraffe, to name a few, starting at 65 USD.

Personally, I would go for the lion cub because my little bird looks more and more like one with his growing curls and that way, I would go as the monkey holding him and singing the main theme of Lion King. However, we already have his Heinz Tomato Ketchup costume which was a birth gift from two very nice people and I’ve been waiting for the moment until he finally fits it (it’s actually pretty big). His dad and I, we’ll go as (former) Belgian fries to match the ketch-up.

Well, no matter where you are in the world, I wish you a Happy Halloween! May it be cute!